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Honeymoon Planning – August 2020


My Fiancé and I looking for destination suggestions and advice to help plan our upcoming honeymoon. We would greatly appreciate it!

When: August

Duration: 15 days

Budget: $7,000

We have been looking into Hawaii, The Maldives (but it is rain season during August), Bali, New Zealand and Greece (Scotland being our last choice but not off the table).

We really like exploring; being active with a mix of relaxation. Our favourite trilogy is the Lord of the Rings – in love with the landscape and hiking.

I have been to Switzerland, Greece, Peru, Germany, Hungary, Cuba and a couple other places when I was backpacking a couple years back in my early 20’s/family vacations.

The best places I’ve ever been to are the Islands in Greece and Lucerne, Switzerland. Unbelievably beautiful and I wish to go again someday but my little lady does not want to go somewhere I’ve been before for our honeymoon.

Our budget is open to change.

What is most important to us is alone time and space, we don’t like to be around a huge crowd 24/7. We don’t mind touristy stuff, but we like doing our own thing.

Let us know what you think and thanks in advance for the advice!:)

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