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Honeymoon Planning… Hawaii or Tanzania??

Hello! My fiancé and I are getting married in August and are planning to take 2 weeks off for our honeymoon next February/March. We live on the east coast (US) and are considering two options for our honeymoon: (1) Tanzania and Zanzibar and (2) Hawaii (Maui for 1 week, Kauai for 1 week). I’ve been lucky to go to Hawaii a handful of times and love it, but while my fiancé has never been to the west coast or Hawaii, he wants us to go somewhere neither of us has been and won’t be able to go easily once we have a house and kids to worry about. If we were to go to Tanzania and Zanzibar, we’d spend half the time on the mainland (safari and staying in some nice lodges) and half the time exploring beaches and spice plantations and scuba diving in Zanzibar. If we were to go to Hawaii, we’d rent a condo and a car on each island, do a lot of hiking and beach exploration, probably go to a luau (he’s never been) and go scuba diving for a few days. From your perspective, how do budgets vary for these potential destinations? And what would you pick? We are trying to stay well under $8k per person but could stretch a bit for the right opportunity!

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