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Honeymoon planning (Jan 2021)

Another generic honeymoon post. We are getting married in India early Jan 2021 and will be returning to San Francisco, CA.

We are looking for a place to have a weeklong honeymoon. The only requirement is that there should be enough activities to not get bored. (Read: I don't want to just lie on the beach for a week). We also want to keep total travel time/cost reasonable.

Places we have in mind –

1) Maldives: pros: Cheaper and closer to India. cons: Not sure if there are enough things to do.

2) Bali: pros: Lots of things to do, good beach culture cons: Not familiar with country or culture. Also bad connectivity with US airports.

3) New Zealand: pros: Beautiful, things to do, bucket list destination. cons: A bit far and expensive.

Maldives is kinda my first preference but I dont want us to be bored in a couple of days. Folks who've been there, are there enough things to do?

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