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Honeymoon planning (Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Greece)

Fiancé and I are having a small private ceremony in Switzerland for our wedding. Afterwards we plan to travel to various places around Europe for our honeymoon. We've traveled a lot in the past but never to that part of the globe. For our other vacations I usually do some pretty intense research and planning so that we can pack a lot in but I've never had to plan something this extensive with so many different locations.

I'm hoping to get some help and suggestions from you folks! We have a general idea of countries we want to visit but I would love to get suggestions of specific cities, landmarks, activities, etc. so that we don't go all the way over there and miss something obvious!

General plan right now:

September 23rd: Fly to Zurich

September 26: Wedding near Lauterbrunnen

September 28-29ish: Oktoberfest

September 30-October 2: Germany (would like to drive the Nurburgring but open to suggestions)

October 3-8: Italy (Florence, Amalfi coast and other suggestions, would love to rent a vintage car for some countryside driving?)

October 9-12: Finish by relaxing in Greece (Santorini or Mykonos. Redditor experiences at each?)

Nothing is booked yet this is just a timeline I came up with while typing this. My guess is that it's probably highly optimistic to think we can cover all of this. Am I way off base? Are there other cities you would substitute in for something I have listed? Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

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