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Honeymoon Planning

Looking for ideas and help!

Will be going to Wyoming/Montana June 2021 for our honeymoon from a Saturday to Saturday. We want to treat ourselves as well as rough it a little by camping a night or two (not so much roughing it for me but the mrs may consider it roughing).

From the research I have done so far it is a bit overwhelming with so much to do and not a lot of time.

What I am looking for: – Should we fly into Montana and go south or Wyoming and travel north? – Most practical airports? -Lodging on the front end (some place that we can kick back and celebrate the new marriage). Maybe options in both Montana and Wyoming to help us decide where to start our journey. – Camping (I have done a lot of backpacking i.e. Patagonia, southern Appalachians, and others) looking for an area that I can focus on and decide from there. Whether its glacier National park, etc… I haven’t been in the area before so to have a narrowed down area to search will help tremendously. – Any advice on how to navigate through Yellow Stone and which areas not to bother (I don’t necessarily have to see all the tourist attractions, I prefer the path less traveled) – Same thoughts above but for Glacier National Park. – Anything else that I am missing or haven’t thought of?

Cheers to all and thanks in advanced to any help.

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