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Honeymoon-present for my partner

Hello, I'm new to this sub, so I would be glad if you could help me!

My (soon) husband and I will make a city-trip as our honeymoon and everything is planned so far.

We have a hotel, city-tours, a concert and time just for us or to relax. But something feels like it's missing. I want to give him a special present as a surprise on this occasion but I don't have many ideas.

I know I'm the only one, who knows him, but maybe you can still give me some general ideas as to what would be something special and appropriate as a present on the honeymoon.

I thought about crafting something myself like a collage of our favourite photos, or DIY something else because these are the most personalised gifts. But I'm also open for other tips.

Any more ideas?

Thank you and have a nice day (and honeymoon!)

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