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Honeymoon Recommendations…Spain?….Italy?…

My soon-to-be wife and I are tossing around ideas for our honeymoon. We are looking to plan our honeymoon for late October – early November of next year and plan on a 10-14 day trip. As of now, we are leaning towards Spain or Italy, but we are open to new ideas and recommendations. We would like to try a new (to us) destination, so we are ruling out staying in the U.S. and the Carribean (we are from the Midwest). Being that it will be late autumn, I know that weather may be a factor, so we are trying to plan for somewhere where the weather is still decent.

We aren't much into the late-night party scene, but still enjoy good bars, music, etc. As far as our preference goes, we enjoy sightseeing, hiking, history, sporting events, food and drink, and meeting new people.

Would anyone have any recommendations or advice on Spain or Italy for a honeymoon destination? What to do and see, cities to travel to, etc.

Outside of those locations, what other recommendations are there for a late autumn trip?

Thank you in advance!

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