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Honeymoon right after wedding

My FH and I are getting married this November & have already put a deposit towards our honeymoon to Curaçao & will finish paying it next month. We are leaving the morning after our wedding! Currently, their website states there is no COVID testing required to enter the island nor does the US require it as of June of this year returning. We did purchase travel insurance in the event that we did get COVID while there and couldn’t come home right away as advises by our travel agent. I’ve been reading some posts about people who know others who planned on going right after & either had to cancel because they tested positive, went and ended up getting having COVID their entire honeymoon or tested positive right before they left and had to quarantine while there. I know things could change before November with restrictions and guidelines but I was just curious if anyone else was planning on going to their honeymoon directly after their wedding & what your plans are in the event of COVID.

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