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Honeymoon Sept 2021

Hi all! I was hoping to get some personal opinions, so where better to turn than to reddit?! My fiancé and myself are getting married in September and we always assumed we were paying for the whole event ourselves. Therefore, we figured we would not have the funds to pay for the "luxurious" honeymoon we wanted immediately following the wedding and planned to wait until our 1 year anniversary. We recently received a few generous gifts from family members and now we feel comfortable booking a trip for the end of September. I started looking at flights and it seems like the most reasonable destinations for us are:

1) Aruba 2) Jamaica 3) Antigua 4) DR 5) Cozumel and 6) Grenada … some our thoughts/ideas:

  • We'd prefer to keep out budget ~ $3500 to $4500 including flights
  • We prefer the idea of a beachfront all-inclusive where we wont have to do any thinking for ourselves
  • Looking for clear water beaches with the least amount of sargassum (seaweed); I tend to get skeeved out with seaweed floating around me. I know global warming and hurricane season might limit our choices here, but Aruba, Grenada and Antigua might be the best regarding this issue?
  • Considering September is still hurricane season, Aruba, Grenada, or Antigua might be the safer locations since they're further out of the hurricane belt
  • We would prefer adult-only resorts, however kids won't make or break or honeymoon; September is also school season so we might not have much to worry about.
  • We like to relax on the beach in the day time and party at night; we're drinkers and love to have fun
  • We also tend to be "foodies", so a good dining experience is definitely preferred
  • Also like having excursion options like catamaran, jetskis, atv adventures, ect. I know some resorts offer some of these complimentary, with the exception of jetskis.

I'm one of THE MOST indecisive people you'll ever meet when it comes to picking a new adventure. So any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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