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Honeymoon September 2021

Hey there everyone,

I just proposed to my fiance a couple of months ago. We are getting married late August 2021 and we have no idea where we want to honeymoon.

We have about a $7-8000 budget, live in Colorado, and want to be away for 2 weeks.

Some of the things that we are looking for are (in order):

-Amazing food and drinks


-No hustle and bustle hectic city vibe of a, say, Thailand or most tourist spots in Italy

-Beach is a plus but not a must

-We are willing to be in multiple different cities and don't need to stay in the same place for the whole 2 weeks.

– We are looking for a place that isn't super touristy, but a place that is similar to how all of those tourist places advertise/depict.

Let me know all about your hidden gems! Thanks!

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