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Honeymoon September 2023!

Good morning from Canada!

My fiancée [32M 30F] soon to be wife on the 2nd of September are flying into Paris September 6th and doing 3 nights there. Then flying into Montpellier and exploring the French Riviera and Italy until October 1st.

What are some recommendations for cities, towns, restaurants, bars? We are looking at about 2 weeks in each country and would like to limit our cities to about 3-4 in both France and Italy so we don’t spend so much time on flights/trains and we can feel relaxed.

We’re wine and food enthusiasts with 2-4 dinners reserved for Michelin star restaurants but just as happy as finding hidden gems and not so touristy places to eat and drink.

Would love advice on beaches to visit and areas to explore that are beautiful to photograph.

I have done backpacking through Southeast Asia and travelled for vacation often but this is my first time in Europe, my fiancée has only been to destination resorts previously.

Many people recommend not travelling with a full suitcase, only carry on but as a couple who enjoys dressing up and having options we’re contemplating travelling with 1 suitcase and each a carry on. Any and all advice, recommendations and tips are welcome!

I meant to post this a long time ago but with a new job and our wedding coming up it slipped my mind!

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