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Honeymoon – Starting from scratch – Spring 2024

Honeymoon suggestions needed! From: Arizona – we both have passports Time: March-April 2024 (TBD) Timeframe: 7-10 days Budget: contentious/flexible (5k arena would be ideal)

Fun facts for both: -we are both non drinkers -love trying new foods -obsessed with views and like exploring -would prefer less thinking/more inclusive but not afraid to plan ahead -only experience out of the country was a cruise to Mexico (loved it) -we have a goal to try and travel more

My lovely fiancé: Thrill seeker Loves to golf Doesn’t really like to laze too much

Me: Not much of a thrill seeker but as long as it’s ground level I’m open to things Loves a good beach Prefers relatively safer places (I have anxiety and would like to not stress the entire time)

Just starting to brainstorm but feeling overwhelmed by options! Any help is greatly appreciated!

Edit-sorry for the crappy formatting. It was very bullet pointy and I’m on mobile.

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