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Honeymoon Travel Brainstorming

Looking for advice on where to honeymoon. My fiance and I are getting married in October, but will be waiting a few months before the honeymoon. We're traveling to Mumbai, India for a friend's wedding in January 2021 and we're planning on adding our honeymoon on afterwards and using Mumbai as a hopping point. A few notes on what we are / are not looking for:

  • We've been to a lot of European countries and think most European options will be too cold for our liking in January. We're open to all areas, but we're have good weather (65-85 degrees F preferably).
  • We're not huge beach/drinking/lounging people, but our initial thought is to do something like Bali, Indonesia where we can take advantage of the beach and also do excursions or some hiking, etc.
  • We like to explore and try new things, but we'd also like for this to be a simple / low-stress trip so not looking to travel around often. Hoping to minimize the amount of travel from Mumbai (ie. nowhere that takes 3 layovers to get there)
  • We're thinking about 5-7 days after the Mumbai portion of the trip.

We're still brainstorming different ideas, so any advice or suggestions are appreciated!

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