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Honeymoon trip to Portugal and Morocco

So my finance and I want to go to a Honeymoon trip to Portugal and Morocco in late may or early June of this year. (Depending on flight prices)

We would love some recommendations:

Below is so far what we are thinking and also what each of us are looking for:

What we are thinking total trip 15-17 days:

MOROCCO -start by direct flight Marrakech and spend the first 5-6 days there (we live in Chicago so if that has any effect) -Medina Market and explore city: 3 or 4 or 5 days Advice on length? – hot air ballooning Atlas Mountains 1 day – visit Berber villages and Agafay Desert for 2 days again advice on day count

(Optional go to Casablanca for 2 or 3 days and shorten and/or cut something above?) is such a short trip worth traveling such a far distance?

PORTUGAL -fly from Marrakech to Lisbon and get a driver to either Faro or Lagos for 4-5 days could use advice on which location here – Spend 2 days in Lisbon and then fly back.

In regards to what we are looking for: We have very different life experiences and fav locations. Morocco is more for me and Portugal more for her. Not sure if below is relevant or not. Since there is no right or wrong way to travel, I included a blurb about both of us then each of us followed by each of our individual priorities. ———- I desire adventure while she craves relaxation. We both understand the immense privilege of traveling and are both very fortunate to have seen much of the world.

Shared priorities:

We both have matured and know a perfect picture for the gram likes doesn’t come close to a perfect moment in time. We want to grow closer as a couple and a honeymoon enjoyable for the both of us to make great memories together. This both of us made compromises and that’s how we picked these two locations.


I am first-gen Ukrainian American and have visited family in Donetsk over the last few years. My fav countries I have ever been to are Nicaragua, Colombia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Mongolia, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea. So the notion of a “dangerous country” doesn’t really scare me (within reason: Afghanistan and north Korea I likely wouldn’t go to), most people and places in the world aren’t going to rob you for being American…I really wanted to honeymoon in West Africa or India.

Morocco was the place we compromised on for me.

Priorities for me: Authentic cultural experiences that allow me to meet new people who have diverse cultures, foods, and surroundings or wildlife. Interacting with friendly locals along the way, learning about alternative ways of life. Regardless if it’s incredibly gritty and noisy cities or remote hidden villages in the jungle. I am not ignorant enough to believe I’m not a tourist, nor engage in travel virtue signaling. However, I do prefer to hop on a Tuk-Tuk or chicken bus and stay in locally owned accommodations. Not a big fan of being warned about the ‘security threat’ posed by locals during excursions and at luxury resorts. A sucker for street food but am fortunate enough to be able to splurge on fine dining during our honeymoon.

Her: While not “spoiled” she will be the first to admit she was raised well off (nothing wrong with that). I’m very new to money and dont fit so while for me uncomfortable at times: she understands the nuances and feels comfortable with the familiar. However, we don’t need glitz and glamor- I know 4+ stars and high reviews mean something to her. She worked in the airline industry in her 20’s, so was able to fly the world for free. Her favorite places she has visited: Spain, Galapagos, Hawaii (Maui), Netherlands and Japan. She wanted Tuscan countryside or Paris so Portugal was her compromise. She has already been to Lisbon, but is happy to spend a day or two again. However, is more so interested by Portugal’s beautiful seaside and stunning views. She is a foodie so nice restaurants are her thing. Along with water: coastlines, antique water fountains and ponds.

Priorities for her: Having a preference for luxury, she likes staying in resorts that have yoga classes, beachfront restaurants, etc. If possible some short of closeness to a city center but far enough for an air of seclusion. I’ve read that both Faro and Lagos offer this? Her ideal would be relaxing on the beach during the day, grabbing a fancy fancy dinner in the evening and gazing at the stars at night. I’ve looked at images and I think this can be accomplished: they maybe edited but I’ve seen many with unpolluted skies, rooftop terraces overlooking beaches.
She really wants a romantic getaway! Hates street food but will watch me eat it…

Sorry for the novel

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