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Honeymoon with a one year old?

By the time of my wedding next summer we will have a one year old daughter. She is not born yet so I haven’t got into parenting yet

Initially I assumed we would leave her with grandparents for two weeks while we go off on our honeymoon. However, other dads have told me they think it’s very unlikely I will feel like leaving her for two weeks at such a young and fragile age.

A honeymoon with a one year old sounds tiring, stressful and not romantic as all our attention would be on keeping the kid happy.

Should we take her with us? If we do, what kind of destination would be a good fit? I live in the UK so travel time is one factor to consider. I imagine a developed country with good healthcare would be a requirement.

Normally we like active holidays with a mixture of hiking, activities, beaches and culture.

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