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Honeymoon with parents ???


I need some advice please. My parents with whom we have a good contact have offered to take us on a trip with them as their wedding present for us. The trip would be just 3 days after the wedding and so it would basically be our "honemoon" but with my parents…

Tbf I am not big on that, however we do live really far from them and only see them twice a year so that would be a good way for them to bond with my future husband. The trip would also be really expensive, $3000 for the two of us so they are really going out of their way just to spend quality time with us.

Also, I know it would break their heart if we turned down their offer but if I'm being honest I would rather spend my honemoon with my husband only.

What are your thoughts? How can I turn down their offer and not disappoint them too much?

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