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Honeymoons for people who don’t like the beach. Help!

Hi there! My fiancé and I are looking into honeymoon destinations. Our wedding will be in early May of 2025. We are in California.

I was first thinking maybe an all inclusive so we don’t have to worry about anything or carry cash while we are trying to enjoy ourselves but most places that pop up when I search around are beach resorts or places in the jungle. The infinity pools and balconies are stunning and the views take my breath away. It seems like a paradise because they are absolutely beautiful; but, full disclosure, we are terrified of bugs and need AC if it’s going to be hot. Through discussing these places and looking at them from a practical, not romanticized, purview, we decided that modern amenities will be a must for us.

I was thinking of a springtime cruise to Alaska or possibly postponing and doing a winter mountain resort. Does anyone have any recommendations of places they have stayed. It would be a big bonus if they had spa packages or were adult only as well. We are more into relaxation and quiet than partying.

Any tips/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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