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Hotels or Villas in Greece

Hi all!

My husband and I are hoping to take our honeymoon in January or February of 2023. Ideally, we would like to spend no more than $11k total with flights.

We originally thought of Greece because neither of us have been, and because it’s the perfect mix of lounging, cultural activities, good food, outdoor adventures, and more. But, the downside is that from where we are in the US, the cheapest ticket to Athens is about $1000 per person and then, keeping in mind that my husband is 6’10, he needs extra legroom on the flights. This puts us at $3k minimum.

So, my question for everyone is this: Is Greece worth it? If so, where are the best places to stay that have water views? Ideally, we would love to have some sort of in-suite water feature, too. (I.e. pool, hot tub, or bath)

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