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How long is too long for a honeymoon?

My husband and I have our honeymoon planned for June 2024, visiting Greece and Italy. We have everything booked except for our flights home, because we are debating how long we should stay. Here's what we have planned…

Greece: June 1-13 (doing 3 islands, ~4 nights in each place)

Italy: June 13-18 in Positano, we either will go home on the 18th, or take the train to Rome and stay until the 21st

We are just debating whether we should go home on the 18th, or extend our stay and check out Rome for a few days. My thought is that we might as well since we are already in the area and it's a "bucket list" place to visit. But my husband is worried we might be tired and burnt out by the end of the trip…which is totally valid.

I'm just wondering if anyone has advice on this. We've asked friends who have gone on longer honeymoons, and they've said they were ready to be home by the end of it (like day 20 or 21) but were glad they did it.

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