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How much is too much to spend on a honeymoon?

My fiancé and I are getting married in June 2021. We have been saving for a honeymoon for about some time. We both make six figures and have a considerable amount saved so far with another 8 months of saving until our wedding.

Here are our options: -12 days in Kenya (inclusive of 2x 3-day safaris, and Kenya coast for beach element). This trip would cost us ~16k in total. We have enough money saved to cover this. -12 days Italy + Greece Combination. We would budget around $6-8K for this trip between flights, hotel, activities and food. We are currently thinking we would include Rome, Amalfi Coast, Athens, Santorini. Some activities we are interested in include food tours, cooking class, scuba diving, etc.

We are completely hung up on this for a number of reasons. We really wanted a once in a lifetime trip and an opportunity to go somewhere we wouldn’t normally choose (Kenya), but am having trouble coming to terms with spending that amount so quickly. We wouldn’t be putting ourselves in debt with this, we would just be choosing to be considerably more extravagant than we normally would be.

Italy and Greece we would definitely be happy with, but this trip would be easy for us to do in the future as well so we are skeptical. However, we would get the same amount of time for literally half the cost.

When considering other costs newlyweds encounter, I already own a home, but we will likely be upgrading to a larger home when we decided to have kids.

So my question is, is it worth spending $16k on a once in a lifetime trip that we may never have the opportunity to do in the future? Or are we better off saving that and putting towards our upgraded home, etc?

I realize we are VERY fortunate with either of these budgets and have worked hard to get to the point where we can afford this, but want to make sure I’m not getting my head too far in the clouds with this Africa trip. Would love perspectives of people who have gone to Africa, etc if there are any that exist!

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