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Humidity in the Caribbean in late September/early October?


We're planning to book our honeymoon around the last week of September/first week for October and are struggling a bit with deciding.

We are looking for somewhere that is still at least high 20s temperature wise (which Google tells me is 80s in Fahrenheit) which rules out most of Europe, so we were looking at the Caribbean.

We're aware it's the rainy season but we had just about narrowed it down to St Lucia and reviews seemed to say it's mostly only quick showers with the possibility of a storm here and there, which we're fine with. However, I am worried about the high humidity – I don't want to end up hot and sweaty all the time as we are quite active people and will be doing a bit of hiking/walking!

In the UK we always seem to end up with horrible humidity and it will stay like that for a couple of days without raining but I've been to Florida before in the stormy season and it would be humid for a few hours, then pour down for a little while and it would feel fine after that. Is that likely to be the case in St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean?

We like St Lucia as an option because we would love a combination of beach and jungle which St Lucia seems to have!

Our budget is £6k including flights (about 7.5k in dollars?) and we're looking for an all inclusive resort for about 10 nights. I found a package deal for Aste Chastenet resort in St Lucia for about that which looks stunning.

Also open to other suggestions – we were thinking somewhere in Africa would probably fit the bill? Also Bali but they don't seem to do AI so the price would need to be lower to compensate. We would never normally do AI but want to relax and not even think about money and food shopping, but I imagine Bali is cheap and plenty of nice options?

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