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Husband is set on Disney World this October even though there’s a family trip planned for 2025

I’m feeling super conflicted as I’m writing this! We were planning our 1.5 week Disney stay at the Port Orleans resort for our 1 year anniversary in October of this year. We were really excited, but now his family is sharing news that they want to plan a family trip next year which would include us.

I’m having mixed feelings for a few reasons:

  1. An exclusive couple experience at Disney would be incredibly special and not having to coordinate with another nine members could end up being everything we need to have a great trip

  2. We are a Disney family 100%. We usually go on a trip every two years, so knowing there’s another trip planned, I can’t help but feel like we’re wasting money on an experience when we could go elsewhere..

  3. We haven’t put money down on anything yet, but I think he’s pretty set on Disney but I can’t help the intrusive thoughts that may regret not doing something more grand/memorable with our only honeymoon. We only have a 7k budget, so I don’t really think there’s any room for a splendid experience if we were to travel to Europe or something. Haha

Anyway, maybe most of this is managing my expectations and realizing compromises will somewhat happen between couples and being realistic about budget.

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