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I need tips and advice for booking Excellence Resort Playa Mujeres!

Hello all! My fiancé and I have decided we’re going to the Excellence Resort Playa Mujeres jn Cancun! Have any of y’all booked here? I see on their site that if I book directly with them and don’t get room & flight package, that they pick us up from the airport and drop us off, which is awesome! We’re probably going to fly with Southwest anyway, so it works out.

I also see they have a complimentary honeymoon package and if I want it, I need to disclose this while booking. How do I do this? Will there be a section where I can say this, or do I need to call, email, etc?

Is there anything else I need to do to ensure I get the best deal possible?

I’ve also been told you can schedule excursions with them. Is this something I do once I’m there, or before I get there?

Is there anywhere around that would be nice for my Fiancé and I to go and do outside of the resort, or is it to far out of the way?

One last question, I see on their site they want to know what time I’ll arrive at the hotel, I’m not sure how I can answer that, as I’m not sure if my flight will get delayed, traffic is busy, or just basic airport nonsense that could delay my arrival. I also haven’t even booked my flight yet, and was going to do that later once southwest even allows me to book for my dates, since my dates aren’t even on their calendar yet. How strict is this time? If I select that I’ll be there at 1pm and show up at 5pm, is that a big deal? Or if I select 5pm and show up at 1pm, is that an issue?

I appreciate any and all advice!!

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