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Ideas for End of Oct 2021 – early Nov Honeymoon?

I am from the Bay Area and my fiance and i are gettin married end of Oct. We have NO IDEA where to go to honeymoon. I finally got the approval to take 2 weeks off and so i really want to go somewhere thats worth taking 2 weeks off…..

Few points….

-with covid, its extra hard to go to Europe and its going to be not ideal weather? tho weather is something we care less about…… any place in Europe open and its ok fall weather to experience?

– I was thinking Bahamas, or one of the caribeen islands but 2 weeks at an island vacation seems like a lot?

Please give me ideas! i think the tropical vacations are easy and ok to go to anytime at the end of oct but was hoping to go to europe but not sure how europe is at the end of oct/early nov……. SOS

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