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I’m so happy! Husband is finally interested in international travel.

I've been blessed in my life that I've gotten a chance to travel a lot. Not only is a lot of my family from out of country, but my parents valued life experiences despite not having a ton of money. They were great savers and were able to take my sister and I on several international trips when we were children/teenagers. As a result, I made it a point to travel all over the world in my 20s.

I recently (last month) married my husband (we're both 31) and he was unfortunately not as privileged as I was, and has never traveled farther than North America.

Husband just started a new job, so he doesn't have much vacation time. We agreed to have our honeymoon sometime next year after we could save up.

We live in California. He wanted to go to Hawaii. Don't get me wrong, Hawaii is beautiful! But the world is so much bigger than that!

I wanted to go to Iceland. I went about 10 years ago with a friend and it was so beautiful and romantic. She and I (both single at the time) vowed that the next time we came to this beautiful country, we would bring our significant others.

Well, my husband just told me he wants to go see the northern lights. You know who has the northern lights? Iceland! I'm so happy that we agree on a place we'll both be happy visiting!!!

That being said, does anyone have any tips for visiting Iceland? Like I said, it's been almost 10 years and I'd love to know how it's changed!

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