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In Need of Honeymoon Ideas Please

My soon to be wife and I are were blessed with an all expense paid honeymoon by the in laws. We roughly have a budget of 10k and are located in Philadelphia. We are looking at June 24th-July1st flights but we are open to all July and August options too. Ultimately we'd love to have a 7 night vacation with a few musts:

  1. All-inclusive: We'd like to worry as little as possible about food since we just want to enjoy some quality time, sit back and enjoy a good beach. We love to drink and just people watch. We also love to stay up late, watch a movie and order in food so having that 24 hour late night service would be amazing. We do understand that most excursion days we'd have to pay out of pocket for lunch and drinks which is totally fine for us.

  2. Excursions!: Easily accessible excursions such as- snorkeling, jet-skiing, tubing, a hike, ATV rides, horseback, zipline, couole massages, mud baths, boat tours etc. As much as we can squeeze in a day the better. Maybe one day water activities and another day land. Majority of our time we want to stay at the beach and relax at the resort/ hotel with what they can offer us. We're not looking to rent a car and if we do need to take a taxi, we'd like to keep it to 20 minutes or less of travel.

  3. Privacy: We'd like a hotel/resort with closed walls but in walking distance to the beach. I would LOVE a private/plunge pool and that's a must so I can say I've experienced it at least once in my life.

  4. Different: Although we are in our late 20s, we'd like to stay in a place with adults but not looking for a party vibe. Very tranquil, relaxed and fun. She also isn't looking for party places such as Cancun due to a big party vibe and would want something more lovey, memorable and exciting to talk about with family and friends.

Info: Flights to Bali or similar distances are out of question due to my anxiety on long flights. St lucia was a strong contender but once looking at excursions I slowly realized that most activities were a drives/boat ride away, especially if you stayed in the north part of the island and you slowly run out of things to do.

I'm looking forward to reading some ideas and seeing what you had done for your honeymoon. Please help a groom plan a perfect honeymoon with his partner of 12 years! Thank you

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