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Indecisive and need help!

My fiance and I plan on getting married early May 2024, just an elopement, and going on the honeymoon right after and are looking for 7 nights somewhere tropical and/or Caribbean with flight included. We live in the Pacific NW. Nothing is planned either but we've decided on a budget of 12k for everything. 6k for the wedding & 6k for the honeymoon approximately but it could be closer to 4k for wedding and 8k for honeymoon if needed

With that said, what we want out of our honeymoon are sandy, relaxing beaches and possibility of hiking/excursions. We went to Cancun last year so Mexico is not that appealing to me even though it was an amazing trip.

We also want to stay in an all-inclusive resort and stay in a room that's both swim-up and beachfront but our only concern is the cost for that. I've looked into sandals several times and it's very appealing but for beachfront & swim-out, those rooms are over our budget or they aren't even available for the dates we've been looking at (May 9-16 if we can get those days off with work).

We originally wanted to go to Bora Bora but the price and size of the islands made us change our minds since we would want to explore for a day or two outside the resort, plus the length of flight. St Lucia looks appealing but after some research, I read that beaches can be super rocky in some areas and that turned me off a little. I've also looked into Jamaica and Costa Rica but I'm open to anything. Any help, advice, or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!! And even resort recommendations

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