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Inspiration and Ideas needed for Honeymoon :)

My partner and I are engaged and planning on getting married this November (2023) in Malta (yipee!). We are currently planning our honeymoon, and we will depart a few days after our wedding, ie in the beginning of November 2023.

We have several ideas, wishes, and thoughts of what our perfect honeymoon would be, however we would greatly appreciate any advice, ideas or thoughts you might have!

Below are some aspects of what we had in mind and some information that could be useful:

Length: 3-4 weeks

Departure date: Beginning November, 2023

Departure country: Malta (Europe)

Budget: While this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us and we will splurge on this holiday, we also cannot afford to pay a thousand euros/dollars/pounds a night for a hotel.

The plan we have thought of so far: Leave Malta for New York City ( we have never been to America and thought this would be an iconic place), then to Miami, and then two locations/countries in the Caribbean such as the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. Nonetheless, we are open to other places that are suitable for November, such as Australia. We are also interested in countries within Asia if this is an ideal month and match our likes!.

Key words for me when I think of this trip: luxury, exotic, chill, sea (think of a luxury hotel/accommodation in an exotic location, ideally near the sea, and also close to the locals if possible to get a real experience of the country). Plus points for some sort of reef or wildlife nearby!

Key words for my partner when she thinks of this trip: relaxing, food, exotic (she is more laid back, and while she does not mind the ocean/swimming/snorkeling she does not want to spend the whole trip near/in the sea. She may prefer an experience akin to a cruise for example.

Likes: I personally love anything to do with the sea, especially snorkelling and being with wildlife! If spearfishing is an option, I would love to do this during the trip! (while my fiancee is relaxing or having a nap). We both love food and enjoy trying new flavours and local foods. While we are both adventurous, we also like comfort – this is why I thought of a luxury accommodation in an exotic area.

Dislikes: We both enjoy taking our time, and do not like being rushed.

Any thoughts are welcome and appreciated 🙂

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