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Is a Sandals Resort A Party Place?


I know the question might seem stupid as based of what Sandals advertise it seems far from a place to party and get drunk as possible. I only ask as reading reviews on various different websites and viewing peoples vlogs at Sandals resorts, the pool area has been described as a Spring break for adults which is not what I am looking for in a honeymoon. I have seen foam parties and DJs next to the pool with people wearing Sandals t-shirts (presumably people who work there) dancing and twerking, which doesn't come across as luxury to me personally. I may have just seen and read one off reviews and that may not be the case, but just need to know. Hopefully people will tell me that this is nonsense but just wanted to check with people who have been to a Sandals resort how common this is or if its happened at all. I'm hoping it's just chill and full of couples who just want to relax but concerned for the amount of money Sandals ask for that this may not be the case.

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