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is anyone NOT doing an all-inclusive beach resort?

My fiancé and I are getting in married in September and we really can't figure out what to do! We would like to take a relaxing honeymoon at the end of December for 5-6 nights Our literal only qualifications are a relaxing space (minimal screaming kids/outside noise, etc) with a few activities outside the room, because I get cooped up easily and don't want to plan a bunch of excursions. I would really like do a snowy winter wonderland trip to like Michigan or something, but coming from South FL everything adds up so quickly!! We would like to do ideally under $2k-2.5 total, flights/gas/food and everything. We are flexible on everything but the dates, but I feel like I'm at a loss. We're open to any ideas if you have them. Please and thank you!!

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