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Is it really worth using a travel agent when planning a trip to Sandals?

Anyone have any insight on whether a travel agent is needed/recommended when planning a Sandals honeymoon? I had the trip all planned out (resort room, excursion, airfare) on my own and the price seems reasonable. But everyone keeps telling me we just have to go through a travel agent. Is this really necessary?

It seems like the two quotes I’ve gotten are about $400-500 more than me booking things on my own. Which makes sense considering there’s another hand in the pot offering services. So I’m not sure why everyone is swearing it should be cheaper.

I can see a travel agent being helpful if you’re not sure where you’d like to go, or confused when booking flights. And I can see them being helpful with any issues. Or maybe certain travel agents will push destinations they can get specials on and that’s why it’s cheaper sometimes?

But it seems like Sandals has everything covered. They offer travel insurance for lost luggage. And they offer transportation to and from the airport.

So I’m just left wondering, what exactly do I need a travel agent for?

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