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Is my honeymoon ruined?

Is my honeymoon ruined??

My (25F) partner and I (25F) booked our honeymoon through Costco travel in March of this year. We are leaving for our honeymoon in September to Mexico. We were so excited to book an all-inclusive, adults only resort. We don’t have any kids and were so excited to find that this was an option. One of the things we were looking forward to was lounging by/in the pool with a drink, and relaxing.

About a week ago we got an email from Costco that our resort will be “rebranding”, so changing their name and no longer adults only. This change will happen in August.

I am disappointed about the change as this is one of the things that drew us to this resort in the first place. We are not really kid people. I am really worried that these changes will really affect the “vibe” of the resort. Having kids around does not feel romantic or relaxing to me. We have never been out of the US let alone to a fancy resort, so this is really going to be a treat for us.

I am in full wedding planning mode right now so I’m feeling a bit frantic as the wedding feels like it’s coming up QUICK.

Is our honeymoon ruined? Will we even notice changes? Should we cancel our reservation and look somewhere else? Is it to late? Do I stop worrying and just enjoy our already planned honeymoon?

What do I do??

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