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Italian honeymoon food budget

OK so I know that this is all relative but I feel like I need help. I have generally stayed at all inclusive‘s for every out of the country vacation, this will be my first time as an adult in Italy. I’ve only been once when I was 4 and being in my mid 30s I’m sure you can imagine the prices are way different from what my mother remembers.

AnyWho, I need help pinning down a daily budget for two people.

We are staying 9 days.

We are interested in having wine with every single meal, cannot stress this enough, at least three high end/nice dinners, the rest of our dinners can be moderately priced, and moderately priced – cheaper lunches. We would like to enjoy some snacks (gelato, Italian ice, mid day cocktails) in between lunch and dinner.

Our hotels all provide breakfast. Our hotels are all 4 star if that gives some perspective on our expectations of “nice dinners”. I would have went for 5 but you know, budget. Lol

We are staying in Florence, Positano & Rome.

I just need help as to what’s realistic & where we should set our expectations. We don’t want to skimp, but we can’t break the bank either.

Our hotels, activities (3 planned) and rails were 8k if that adds perspective.


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