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Italy and Greek islands – 8 days, $8k?

Hey!! Needing some advice. I’m getting married in April of 2025 and we’ll be honeymooning right after. (end of April/beginning of May). We are wanting to do Italy and the Greek islands if possible. Our budget is around 8k and probably about 8-10 days of travel.

Does this seem doable? Is 8 days too short? Is 8k enough for 2 people? What are the hacks and must-see stops? Vatican City/Rome is a must-see for me, but other than that I’m very open to influence. I’ve seen photos and videos of the crowds in Santorini and honestly it looks miserable, but is it worth it? Or just stick to the less popular islands? Any tips on booking flights/travel?

Also, anyone who has done a trip like this, how soon did you start planning and what were your best resources?

I really appreciate any feedback!!

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