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Italy April/May 2024! Please Help!

Hello! We have finally decided on Italy for our honeymoon next year. We will be there for just over 2 weeks, from 4/24-5/10. We fly into Venice and out of Rome. We are planning to be in Venice for 3 nights, then go to Florence for 4 nights, then the Amalfi Coast for 4 nights and then end in Rome for 4 nights. We are big on food and history, so we'll be hitting all the major sights in each city. Neither of us have ever been out of the country or planned such a long trip before. We are looking for any and all tips and tricks! We just booked our flights with a great deal via Going. I'm wondering how far out we should book other things, like hotels, trains, museums or other historical sights and restaurants? Or anything else I might have missed! Any help is so appreciated! Thank you!

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