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Italy + Greece Honeymoon

My fiancé and I are planning our two-week honeymoon to Italy and Greece in October 2024 and would appreciate any reccs on itinerary and places to visit. Any other advice is greatly welcomed!!

So far we plan to spend 4-5 days in Italy and the remaining 9-10 days island hoping around Greece with stops including Santorini, Myokonos (maybe), Paros, Xeros and ending in Athens.

I have been to Southern/Central Italy (Sicily, almalfi coast, Rome, Pompeii, and San Benedetto) already so we want to focus our trip on Northern Italy. We were thinking Florence, Venice and maybe one other stop? It’s his first time to Europe but we are good travelers.

We are looking to explore and enjoy delicious food. We loathe tourist traps lol. We like history and are up for adventure but we mostly want to relax and hang out in the sunshine once we are Greece. Our budget is 5-10K.

TYIA!!!! Willing to tip for best advice so please share your Venmo if interested 😊

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