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Italy Honeymoon Ideas (Sept ’21)

After postponing our wedding due to covid, we're finally ready to start planning our honeymoon in Italy. Fiance has traveled to Europe, including Italy, quite a bit and I've never been to Europe.

Days: 7-10

Budget: 8-12K

We would fly into Rome, spend 3-4 days in the Tuscany region (preferably away from the city), go up to Modena, spend a couple of days in Lake Como, come back to Rome and fly out.

We're outdoorsy people, enjoy trains, nice cocktails, and good food. My fiance is vegetarian, and I am willing to eat almost anything once. Our ideal honeymoon would probably include day trips to vineyards, costal lines, cooking classes, historical sites to visit, visiting farmers markets, but we also wouldn't mind spending a couple of days just enjoying some peace and quiet cooking our own meals.

Looking forward to all the recommendations!!!

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