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Italy Honeymoon suggestions (Sept 2023)

Hello Redditors, I would really appreciate any words of advice and recommendations on the initial plan I made for my Italy trip.

Arrive at Milan , stay there for 3 days. Considering to take a day trip to lake Como. My next destination would be Bolzano, which is around 3 hours away by train. I would be staying at Bolzano for 3 days, going for hikes there and will also visit Lake Kaltern. Then I’d head to Florence , which is also 3 hours away. Will be also staying for 3 days there. Planning to go for a day trip to Pisa from there. My final destination would be Rome, which is about 1.5 hours away from Florence, and from there I’d head back home.

Staying 3 days at each location, is it ideal ? Or is it too much traveling?

Any recommendation would be highly appreciated 🙂

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