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Italy or Spain?

We are planning to do our honeymoon in September 2024 and having a hard time choosing between Spain and Italy.

Things we want to do:

Stroll aimlessly, lounge by the beach, eat as much good food as possible, go to at least 1 EDM party if possible, do a boat ride.

Things we don’t want to do:

We want to keep sightseeing and activities to a minimum ie see no more than 1 historical site, 1 strenuous activity like hiking or renting an ATV etc.

We want to keep touristy areas to a minimum.

We would be going for about 12 days (10 full days). Any suggestions based on the above? If Italy, we are thinking about Amalfi, Tuscany, maybe lake Como? Would appreciate any alternative suggestions to this! We have a budget of about $8-10,000.

Thank you guys!

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