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Itinerary help! Switzerland and Northern Italy

Hi! My wife and I have our honeymoon booked in early March. I’m beginning to second-guess our current itinerary and would love some feedback! We will fly into Zurich and fly out of Venice. We have a total of 9 nights available, here is our current plan in order:

2 nights in Zurich 2 nights in Milan 2 nights in Lugano 3 nights in Venice

We have some great hotels booked, but all have flexible cancellation. We left the fanciest hotel for Venice, where we got a nice honeymoon suite. The flights are locked in and cannot be changed.

My main concern is that I feel like we’re missing the most picturesque part of the alps. We would love to see the Matterhorn up close and enjoy the views. I’ve debating taking Milan completely out, but it seems we have to pass through it anyways to get to Venice. I also debated changing Lugano to Como or something else in that area. Would love to know your thoughts!

Some background info on us: We are a young couple from New York, we don’t have a massive budget but we do enjoy finding new restaurants, shops, and enjoying views we don’t get back home. Our only trip together to Europe was 4 years ago to London and Munich.

Thank you!!

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