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It’s all so overwhelming

My fiancé and I got engaged in September with the plan of getting married in 2025. Unfortunately our venue fell through but it seems to be a blessing in disguise. After some thought we decided it would be best for us to elope and have the honeymoon of our dreams instead of putting all of our money into a wedding. So this is where we need your help people of reddit. We are looking for a place that we can spend 10-14 days living our best life!

Some things that are extremely important: – Beaches with clear calm water we can frolic in – Lots of excursions including snorkeling, waterfalls, animal/sea life encounters – Opportunities to interact with other guests/honeymooners

We have dietary restrictions including nut allergies and celiac disease (no gluten) so a place that will accommodate our dietary needs is necessary.

We were interested in Tahiti, moorea, and bora bora but it seems pretty secluded with limited interaction with other guests. And food and drinks will cost us an arm and leg. Bali is also of interest but the beach situation doesn’t exactly meet our desires.

We are just overwhelmed with all the travel vlogs and everything is just blurring together so we need your help Reddit! Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! Budget around $10,000 but flexible!

We will be coming from the east coast of the United States but are willing to travel pretty much anywhere.

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