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I’ve asked my fiancé to tone down his rigorous marathon training plan during our honeymoon. Am I being unreasonable?

My fiancé (M31) and I (F28) are getting married this September and had planned to go on our honeymoon during the second half of October.

Marathons have always been his thing and he is constantly training for one (in Spring and Fall). I asked him if he can tone down the running during our week honeymoon but he said he cannot as he has planned to run a marathon mid November (which is new news to me). With this information, I have recommended that we postpone the honeymoon so that he does not need to be training during our special time together. He has told me that I am being unreasonable and we should still go as planned.

Obviously, I am full aware that I am choosing to get married to someone that LOVES running and training for marathons so perhaps I am being unreasonable. But then again, I am just asking him to tone it down (not completely stop) for our honeymoon week.

Am I being unreasonable?

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