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January/February ‘24 Cruise Honeymoon

Hey y’all! I am looking at cruising options for our upcoming honeymoon, and I’m a little overwhelmed so I thought you all might have some input.

I’ve been on 2 Royal Caribbean cruises (out of San Juan and Galveston); my partner has never been on a cruise.

We are looking at leaving out of anywhere in the US- we can drive to Galveston or New Orleans and fly anywhere else. Our only guideline for itineraries is that it be somewhere warm and not include Cozumel (we’ll have just been there- we’re getting married there!).

All I’ve really looked into is Virgin (because no children on a honeymoon sounds decent) & Royal Caribbean since I have experience with them. I’m not die hard on either, they’re just my jumping off point.

Let me know if y’all have any brilliant ideas! Thanks!


our ideal budget is around $5-7k for everything (the cheaper end is better, but we’re not looking to skimp either)

we’d like to go for about a week

we would like a mix of adventure and relaxation (more likely to relax on a day at sea than a beach day; I’m a swimmer but he is not)

We’d like a couple of indulgences, but are not looking for an overall lavish experience. I want him to be impressed with the whole thing, and not for us to feel out of place

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