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July 2023 Honeymoon — Wedding in Turkey — but not clue where to honeymoon after

My fiance and I have been spending so much time wedding planning an overseas wedding that we've neglected to plan the honeymoon!

We have 2 weeks. We were originally really set on the Maldives or Bora Bora/Pacific Islands, but realized soon enough into research that Maldives isn't in season July and the pacific islands are very inconvenient to fly from Turkey, surprisingly. We don't want to spend the first day of our honeymoon traveling for over 24 hours.

We were going to split the trip into two, 4-5 nights at a getaway destination, to enjoy beach, take it easy, and enjoy some privacy and serenity. From there, we wanted to hop to the Amalfi coast or Italy.

We're having trouble deciding where to go for a quiet getaway. Our main criteria include amazing beaches, some activities, clear waters, and adults only.

We don't mind splurging a bit on the first part of the trip. We've thought about Seychelles, but it's also still a little far and it seems there's literally no activites or entertainment besides the island itself. It seems a little lackluster compared to Pacific Islands or Maldives.

Any suggestions?

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