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July 2025 Tahiti honeymoon

Hello all I’m currently planing my fiancé and I’d honeymoon in Tahiti. I was wanting some advice on the area and things to do and if you think it’s a good fit for us.

We are both 26 and want the combination of relaxation and having fun with excursions and a little nightlife.

I spoke with an agent at Costco and she recommended 3 nights at the Hilton in Tahiti with an ocean view followed by 4 nights at st Regis in bora bora in an over water bungalow.

These islands look beautiful and it’s going to be somewhere that we would love to travel to and experience but I don’t want to sacrifice the nightlife and having fun aspect.

I understand the drink prices are kinda hefty in bora bora but has anyone had an experience where they felt bored there?

I guess my real question is conserving these resorts are so intimate, is there still people around having fun at hotel bars and meeting other people?

Hope that all makes sense thank you in advance!!

Edit forgot to add, if anyone recommends any other places we’re open to explore different options. We’re not 100% set in stone on Tahiti yet so please offer recommendations!

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