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June 2024 Honeymoon ideas needed!

I have a very specific ask, and I’m hoping to generate some ideas!

My fiancé and I are trying to plan our June honeymoon. We are looking for something either in Mexico, or the Caribbean, but open to other locations. We would be flying out of SFO, and we’re ideally looking for a location with a 8 hour travel time max. So that may extend us to looking in Costa Rica or Panama.

I’ve looked into a few options for all inclusive resorts, via Costco and Tripadvisor but in general, we are adventurers and backpackers. So the idea of staying at a huge resort isn’t the most appealing. We’ve stayed at wonderful, smaller boutique hotels, so I would love to find some thing similar. Definitely needs to be adults only and budget friendly. The all inclusive aspect is less important, but a beachfront property is ideal.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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