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Just like everyone else, need help planning a honeymoon location!

Hi all! I’m kinda glad to see this is the kind of question this sun gets asked a lot so I’m hoping to get some good suggestions!

FH and I are getting married late May of 2024 and are looking into honeymoon destinations.

I am a BEACH BUM!!! I can spend 7 days on a beach with a book in my hand and a beverage in the other and I am in heaven! Hubby on the other hand gets bored with such simple delights, and would prefer to do something else for the majority of the time. Although he too enjoys the beach, he would like somewhere he can tour the local museums, stroll around a local town and try their cuisine and visit their shops, etc. (NOTE: he is NOT a thrill seeker… but I am!)

We are trying to find a destination within a 5 hour travel time from LAG/JFK/NEW that makes us both happy and are having a hard time doing just that. We plan on spending around 5-7 days somewhere with a lodging budget of $3K (obv this does not include air fare and anything else). My mom graciously offered us, as a wedding present, a 7 night stay at a Hilton time share of our liking but she, for whatever reason, can’t just let me look at the locations offered for our chosen time frame. Idk if I want to spend my honeymoon at a Hilton or if I want to splurge on an all inclusive, my FH and I are partial to either or.

Any help and advice is appreciated!!

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