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Lake Como to Milan (?) Help!

Hi all!! My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon in early August 2022. We’re going to Lake Como for 4 nights and (at the moment) we’re planning on going to Milan for 3 nights since we fly out of the Milan airport.

From what I’ve heard, it’s best to skip Milan – but since we’re flying out of there anyway, would it be worth checking out after Como (since it’ll just be for a few days)? And if so, any specific hotels anyone would recommend?

We’re staying at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo while in Como and have been looking into Magna Pars l’Hotel à Parfum for Milan (but are open to suggestions and recommendations! We’re looking to use CC points for the hotel in Milan).

For reference: we love nothing more than to eat delicious food! We also are looking to see the sights, celebrate with drinks, and just kind of generally explore the area we are in. We’re excited to be by the water in Como and take a boat on the lake and drive around the city. We’re pretty flexible with what we do and where we go (as long as there is great food nearby 😉 )

Thanks in advance!!

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