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Last-Minute Honeymoon Planning for August 2024

Hi everyone!

I'm getting married very soon (in just a month) and I’m a 29-year-old guy marrying a 25-year-old woman. We're late planning our honeymoon due to various reasons, but we've decided to go this August for three weeks. My future wife has always dreamed of going to Bali, but here's where my problem starts… I get very seasick. I'm okay on big ferries that don’t rock much, but on smaller boats, I usually start throwing up within minutes, and I don't want our honeymoon to feel stressful. I'm not a big fan of flying either, but I can handle it. Currently, I live in Scandinavia (Europe), and I have a lot of SAS points, so I could essentially fly to Bangkok for almost free. However, I'm really unsure where to go for our honeymoon. My partner is not keen on North/South America or Africa, though she'd consider Tanzania. Still, I feel it wouldn’t be worth the trip just to stay there, as I might get bored quickly. She’d like us to visit more places than just Bali, like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc., but I don’t think we have time for all that. Maybe just Thailand and Bali could fit into three weeks. If you have suggestions for other countries,

I’d appreciate any tips. I'm panicking a bit about what to do. I’ve looked at Koh Samui, which seems really nice, but I need your help with pretty much everything. What should I do and how should I proceed? What would you recommend for us?

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