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Last-minute US honeymoon suggestions?

Due to passport delays and anticipated increasing COVID restrictions at our intended destination (thanks, Spring Break tourism), MrMittens and I have cancelled our honeymoon. It needed to happened but I’m devastated. Now we’ve got 10 days to plan something else. We may or may not have passports in hand by that time, so I would prefer something US-based just to avoid that anxiety.

Our initial plans involved an all-inclusive place on the beach with a ton of activities, so we could spend the time just relaxing on the beach (or our private terrace pool 😭) with the option to get out and hike, shop, go sailing, etc. if we wanted something to do. There are several restaurants and bars onsite, so once we got there it would have required no additional planning or travel whatsoever.

We’ve tried to find something with a similar vibe here in the States, but no luck. Part of the problem is that I’m still stuck on the idea of the old place, so every other option just sounds like a shit time. I feel like I’m going to spend the entire week trying to figure out where we should go next, what we should do next, where to have dinner, etc. and it’s already stressing me out.

Any suggestions for us? We’ll be traveling from the Southeastern US. We’ll have 7 days/8 nights (plus a day to travel home) and about $3,500 to play with (not including flights). We’re not particular about where we go, I just want something that’s going to involve minimal stress and planning once we get there.

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